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Welcome to the Iterator Tools project

The 'itertools' package provides a variety of functions used to create iterators, as defined by REvolution Computing's 'iterators' package. It is strongly inspired by the Python itertools module, and includes a number of functions of the same name. The 'isplit' functions were inspired by functions in the 'snow' package, and are particularly useful for parallel computing tasks.

There are also several utility functions included that were contributed by Hadley Wickham that aid in writing iterators. These include 'is.iterator', 'end_iterator', 'iteration_has_ended', and 'new_iterator'. Thanks, Hadley!

This package is intended to be used with the 'foreach' package, which has excellent support for iterators. Used together, they can simplify many programming tasks.

Functions included in itertools:

The project summary page you can find here.